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How we work

How we work with you

We support you in creating a safe and positive environment enabled by solutions that raise awareness through education and training.

How we work
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Corporate Mental Health & Wellbeing Programme

Our programme provides a deep understanding of how the mind functions and through the knowledge gained helps you identify, resolve and prevent the route causes of workplace stress and anxiety. It teaches organisations how to lead from a neuroscience perspective, achieving adoption and sustainability of positive behaviours and mindset change. The skills acquired apply to both the work and home environment, maximising value and demonstrating a commitment to your staff that goes beyond employer duty of care.

For every £1 spent on organisation wide mental health awareness, culture building and training there is a £6 return on investment

Corporate Meditation & Mindfulness

Meditation and the adoption of mindfulness techniques creates calm, clarity, focus and concentration which increases productivity and is a scientifically proven antidote to stress, anxiety and burn out. Through these science backed mediums, help your employees be fully present at work and cultivate a positive outlook. By offering courses, tailored workshops and individual coaching packages to your workforce, integrate a state of mindfulness into the rhythm of your organisation through a daily meditation and mindfulness practice.

How we work
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Employers who implemented meditation programmes for their employees saw an 85% decrease in absenteeism.

How we work
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Corporate Yoga

With many employees days being desk based, whether working from home or in the office, this negatively impacts our posture leading to debilitating neck and back problems. Yoga addresses the lack of body-awareness that happens when spending extended periods of time in front of a screen or being sedentary. Yoga helps to further reduce stress and anxiety, improve posture and boost mood to harmonise mind, body and soul. Classes, workshops and individual coaching for all levels available.

15 minutes of yoga practice everyday changes the brain’s chemistry and boosts mood.

Corporate Retreats

Provide your staff with the ultimate transformative wellbeing experience by holding any of the Self Hack programmes at a fully immersive boutique retreat. Help them to escape day to day work pressures and re-charge through this powerful wellness and retention tool. Combine our core mental health solutions into the heartbeat of your organisation whilst enjoying additional restorative therapies and treatments in a relaxing and peaceful setting.

How we work
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Retreats build teams through providing a relaxing environment that stimulates new ideas and perspectives.

How we work
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Corporate Wellbeing Days

If you are considering organising wellbeing days, at Self Hack we help you design your event in the best possible way to make it a success. Our wellbeing days are packed with activities to boost employee’s mental health and morale, through mediation, mindfulness, yoga and more. Packages tailored to suit your needs.

Wellbeing days at work have a hugely positive impact on employee mindset and job satisfaction. They are essential in encouraging employees to be mindful of their holistic wellbeing and are key contributor in attracting and retaining talent. Launch your initiative through us in the workplace, online or at a retreat. Or stage a one-off event to promote awareness and demonstrate to your employees that you are committed to the positive mental health agenda within your organisation.


Our online counselling services provides your employees with the opportunity to talk to our qualified BACP registered counsellors, who help individuals facilitate positive change and offer confidential support without judgement. Through our online service your people get the emotional support they need by making it everything it is currently not: accessible, convenient and unintimidating.

We will provide your employees a safe place to talk about issues that are troubling them and allow our counsellors to help individuals to better understand feelings, thought processes and find the right solution that is needed.

Our counsellors are friendly, compassionate and have experience of helping with a variety of specialist issues. They can support individuals to reach a state of optimal wellbeing where they can better access their full potential in all spheres of life.

How we work
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Workplace counselling interventions have been found to reduce
sickness absence rates in organisations by as much as 50%.

Virtual Services available.

On site services provided based on current government Covid guidance.
Contact us to learn how we can help.

Many thanks for the recent workshop. It was very well received and the team are already applying the new skills they have learnt to help them manage their own stress as well as be more mindful of how their colleagues are feeling. As an organisation it has already helped us to broach the mental health topic with openness and understanding and the feedback is that people now feel more comfortable in continuing the dialogue. We look forward to working with Self Hack on our wellbeing journey. Thank you once again. Candidate Screening Solutions